I've started my Yoga Journey in 2010. 

Yoga is a much broader and more meaningful pursuit than a workout.And it's definitely not a religion.

In the past we already knew that "Mens sana in corpore sano" ("a sound mind in a sound body"). We have to take care in the same way of our bodies and minds.

That's what  Yoga does.



When I teach I want people to feel they are in room where we are taking care not only of their bodies, but also their minds.

Yoga is a science for well-being and happiness.

In my Vinyasa flow, the music becomes as important as the movement: supports the flow, enhance the focus, elevates the soul.

When a study was recently published in the journal Sports Medicine Open, it scientifically validated what we’ve known all along—that music enhances our physical performance and in this case, can increase our chances of maintaining a healthy exercise regimen up to 70 percent.

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